How to Change iPhone Name in 3 Easy Steps

You have an iPhone, iPad, or Apple company Watch, and it’s really working okay. There’s just one single problem. The true name. Your device may sport a generic name bestowed upon it when you initially arrange it. Or it could experience a previous owner and continues to be hanging onto that person’s name.

how to change iphone name

If several iPhone, iPad, or Apple company Watch includes a home among your loved one’s members, you can also want to offer each one its unique name.

Or maybe you will want a more general moniker that won’t determine you via AirDrop to some other surrounding iOS proprietors.

Whatever the good reason, you’re not caught up with the prevailing name. It could be improved by one to something considerably more certain and much more personalized. It is possible to transform the real title of one’s iPhone or iPad through iTunes or on these devices itself. And you may change the name of one’s Apple Watch via the Watch app on your own iPhone. Let’s feel the steps for renaming your Apple gadget.

How to Change iPhone Name iPhone or iPad

On the Device Directly

Step one 1: Kick off the Adjustments app on your own unit and navigate to Standard > About.

Step two 2: As pictured below, the Brand part towards the top should exhibit the existing label of one’s iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Tap it to create a custom brand for your unit.

Step three 3: Utilize the on-screen keyboard to provide the device with a fresh name. Struck Done when completed. In the example of this, I renamed my iPhone X from the default “Robert iPhone” title to the even more descriptive “Robert- iPhone X”.

That’s all there’s to it!

The new tailor-made name for the device ought to be listed beneath the Name collection in Configurations > Standard > About.

Using iTunes in Mac

At the synopsis screen for the device, mouse click inside the package that presents the real brand. Alter the prevailing title or erase it and sort a fresh label completely. Press Enter.

iPhone/iPad which has a Mac

The process may be the same over a Mac. Introduction to iTunes. Go through the icon for the iPhone or iPad near the top of the screen.


AirDrop, meanwhile, enables people close by iOS devices to mail you photos along with other documents. It is possible to change your unit name so it is less evident which gadget is certainly yours, nevertheless, you may also limit the usage of AirDrop simply just. Navigate to Settings > General > AirDrop, where you are able to choose to only receive messages from your own contacts or switch off AirDrop.

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