How to Clean iPhone Speakers Without Damaging Them Easily

In the morning, it is quickly stuffed into the pocket, thrown into the backpack, or squeezed into the full handbag: the iPhone. It is a daily companion and has to be everywhere with you. During transport, it is exposed to a great deal – especially the loudspeakers can suffer as a result. Over time, dust and dirt settle here. This in turn can negatively affect the sound quality. Luckily, you can easily clean your iPhone speakers. UPDATED explains what to look out for.

how to clean iphone speakers

Clean iPhone speakers from the outside

For cleaning the iPhone, manufacturer Apple generally gives some recommendations: Before you start cleaning, you should turn it off and remove all cables on the device.

Also, avoid too much moisture. If water penetrates the openings, the iPhone can be damaged. Cleaning agents pointed objects, and compressed air is also taboo.

But don’t worry: even with gentle means, you can get your iPhone speakers clean again. These tips can help:

  • Adhesive strips with light dirt: Carefully place a small piece on the loudspeaker openings, press it gently, and then slowly pull it off again. The first superficial dust should now hang on the adhesive strip and can be disposed of.
  • Cautious blow-out: Blow carefully with your mouth over the loudspeaker openings. This allows coarse, loose dirt to be loosened.
  • Vacuum cleaner: At the lowest level, you can suck dirt from the outside. Proceed carefully so as not to damage the iPhone.
  • Gentle cleaning with a brush: Gently brush off the speaker openings. If the brush has fine bristles, you can also get a little deeper into the small holes of the speaker.
  • An alternative to the brush: an old, fine toothbrush. It should of course be dry. Avoid brushing, press too tightly.
  • Even with a cotton swab, you can carefully clean the speaker openings.
  • Eyeglass cleaning cloth: Instead of a damp cloth, use a spectacle cleaning cloth to remove stubborn dirt on the speaker membrane.

Clean iPhone speakers with type cleaner

It looks like chewing gum but is a secret weapon when cleaning: type cleaner. In fact, it removes ink residues from print types of mechanical typewriters.

But the material can also help you get your iPhone speakers clean again. The type of cleaner is very flexible. It can be pressed into cavities that cannot be reached by a rag. Here’s how to clean with type cleaners:

  • Open the pack and tear a small piece of the type cleaner off the block.
  • Knead the mass between the fingers to make it soft and flexible.
  • Press the mass firmly on the speaker openings on the iPhone.
  • Slowly unpull the type cleaner. Make sure the crowd doesn’t rip.
  • Should residues still remain: Knead the mass together again, press it on and pull it off. This should remove the residues.
  • Repeat the steps until the speakers are clean again.

The type of cleaner can be used five to six times. Once it looks unsightly and is riddled with dirt, you can simply tear off a new piece from the block and repeat the procedure.

Clean iPhone speakers from the inside: Don’t do it yourself

Opening the iPhone to remove the dirt inside the speakers may sound tempting. However, Apple has not provided for a self-opening of the iPhone by users. This is already evident in the special tool that is required for this purpose.

In addition, by opening the case, you risk that your warranty claim will expire. If your iPhone speakers still sound weird after careful cleaning from the outside, an expert should take care of the matter.

Beforehand, however, you can check whether the reduced sound quality may not have other reasons.

Declining speaker quality? This could also be the case

The sound quality of the loudspeakers does not always have to do with their cleanliness. Is there no sound coming out of the loudspeakers, is the sound distorted or is it only a noise? This may be due to the following reasons.

Check volume settings

The first step in troubleshooting is to take a look at your iPhone’s volume settings.

  • First, open Settings > Tones (for models before iPhone 7) or Settings > Tones & Haptics (for models from iPhone 7).
  • Move the volume control under the menu item Bell and Hint Tones to the right.
  • If a sound is heard now, the speakers will work.

Check mute switches

Each iPhone has a switch on the left that can turn the sounds on or off. If the color stroke next to the switch is orange, the iPhone is set to silent. Depending on the settings, it only vibrates with incoming calls and messages.

To re-enable the sounds on the iPhone, simply drag the switch toward the screen.

Control center

A glance at the iPhone’s control center can help rule out another cause of speaker problems. Depending on the iPhone, the troubleshooting is different:

  • Models up to iPhone X: Swipe your finger up from the bottom of the screen to open the control center. Models from iPhone X onwards: Swipe your finger down from the top right corner of the screen to open the Control Center.
  • Check the display: If a blue moon is visible on a white background, the “Do Not Disturb” function is enabled. Call and hint tones are thus muted.
  • With a tap on the moon, you can deactivate the function again. The symbol then switches to a white moon on a gray background.

Exclude other causes of speaker problems

Didn’t that help? Here are other things you can check:

  • Does your sound only not work with a specific app? Then check if it may be switched to “silent”.
  • Don’t you hear your interlocutor on the phone? Try calling someone else. Maybe the problem is with your caller’s microphone or phone connection.
  • Is your device connected to a Bluetooth speaker? Then the sounds are only played on it. Complete the Bluetooth connection by tapping the Bluetooth icon in the Control Center.
  • If nothing helps: Try restarting your iPhone.

If none of the measures described are effective, take your iPhone to the retailer. They have the appropriate diagnostic programs to find the error. It can also tell if your iPhone speaker is defective.

For clean speakers: Preventive measures

Back to the topic of cleanliness: To avoid any problems with dirt in your iPhone speakers, you can prevent it.

Especially the trouser pocket is a real lint stove. Instead, carry the iPhone in your backpack or handbag. In order to avoid contamination, you should always keep both clean.

Unfortunately, a simple iPhone case only protects against damage, not dirt. Here the loudspeakers are released, anything else would affect the sound quality.

To protect your iPhone from dust, you can carry it in a small, fit-fit pocket with a clasp. In it you can also put it carefree in your pocket. A bag made of canvas or other lint-free material is well suited.

Maintaining speakers is not difficult

The iPhone is an everyday item and as such is exposed to dust and dirt every day. To keep iPhone speakers clean, preventive measures are a good option. However, it is hardly possible to protect the smartphone against any dirt.

Luckily, it’s not too hard to clean the iPhone speakers regularly. If you still have problems with the sound, you should also check your iPhone’s settings. This way, your smartphone can deliver good sound quality for a long time to come.

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