How to Clean MacBook Keyboard whether it’s a MacBook, MacBook Pro, or MacBook Air.

Cleaning the keyboard on a MacBook, MacBook Pro, or MacBook Air is a necessary chore from time to time, but it can also be more difficult than expected, as anyone who has done so can attest. The moment you start erasing the Mac keyboard, it is inevitable that the keys will be pressed, and as a result, things are typed, applications are accessed, messages are sent, incorrect code is written, gobbledegook is done, among other potential misadventures. Of course, with a desktop Mac, you can simply disconnect the keyboard, but that’s not possible on any laptop in the MacBook line. You can’t put the Mac to sleep because by pressing a button, you’ll wake it up, and you don’t want to turn off the Mac because, in addition to being annoying, you’ll probably also want to clean the power button.

how to clean macbook keyboard

This is where a small application that has been around for ages called Keyboard Cleaner appears. It locks the Mac keyboard and rejects all inputs (except for The Leave command), allowing you to press as many keys as you need. down and clean the keyboard.

Once you’re done, you leave the app. Easy. So let’s see how to use Keyboard Cleaner on Mac OS X to properly clean the keyboard on a MacBook, MacBook Pro, or MacBook Air.

Cleaning MacBook keys by locking them with the keyboard cleaner

Technically, this app works on any Mac keyboard, but we focus on the MacBook Pro and MacBook range because they can’t just disconnect the keyboard for cleaning purposes. Instead, we’ll lock the keys and prevent incorrect text typing and entering using a small free app.

  • Download the Keyboard Cleaner app from here (a similar app is here), unzidle the archive, then click right and choose “Open” to move Gatekeeper (the app is from 2006, but still works very well)
  • When the screen turns all black and says “Successful Cleaning,” you’re ready to clean the MacBook keyboard:
  • Now, wet lightly – a cotton cloth or cloth (not the type that contains or pill) so that it is slightly damp and wipe the keyboard of the MacBook Pro.
  • When you’re done cleaning the MacBook keyboard, tap the Command-Q buttons to leave the Keyboard Cleaner app and enjoy your nice clean keyboard.

Works wonderfully, doesn’t it? No more turning off the MacBook, and no need to press a gazillion button to find out which application is used to clean the keyboard. Just launch Keyboard Cleaner, clean the keyboard, leave the app, and you’re like new again.

I recommend using water only to clean the keyboard, but if you have stubborn dirt, dirt, or other mysterious problems on the MacBook keyboard, you can use a small amount of isopropyl is an alcohol solution…You can also use small amounts of isopropyl is alcohol with a cotton exchange as a q-tip to clean the area between the keyboard keys.

If you plan to do this often, you’ll probably want to keep the Keyboard Cleaner app handy in the folder/Applications/for later use.

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