How to Clean MacBook Pro Screen Without Spoiling the Screen or Keyboard

Okay, you already have your new MacBook, but two days later the screen is already dirty. Dust, finger marks, or just the dirt on the keyboard, leave the screen of our Mac a pity. So what do we do? Well, give wax and polish wax, what a remedy. I’m going to tell you how to clean the screen of a MacBook, MacBook Pro, or MacBook Air, without spoiling the screen or keyboard.

how to clean macbook pro screen

Clean the screen of a MacBook without spoiling it

A couple of months ago I bought a MacBook Pro, and you can imagine what happened, don’t you? The typical paranoia that enters us all for the first few months with the new toy. Always pristine, always clean, and without a scratch.

It takes little time to disappear, and after a while, we must schedule the monthly cleaning of our MacBook.

Apple gives us some guidance on how to clean the screen of our MacBook. Use a microfiber cloth that does not release debris, moisten the rag a little, put it in the correct position for cleaning, and many other standard indications.

As I’m sure you know all that, I’m going to tell you how I clean it up, okay?

The product I’m using is this:

Buying ColorWay Kit cleaning for $17.99 on Amazon

However, on Amazon, you can find microfibers separately, and cleaning fluid, or different cleaning kits at a good price. It is recommended that these do not contain alcohol so as not to wear out the keys.

Step 1: Support the MacBook on the screen instead of on its base. Apple recommends that you clean it on one side, but I think it’s easier to press it on the screen like that and clean it more thoroughly.

  • ¬†(Optional): If you have a blower, pass it over the screen to remove sands or scraps of materials that may scratch your MacBook screen.
  • ¬†Disconnect it from the current, and turn it off completely.

Step 2: Spray the cleaning product on the cloth, NOT on the screen. If the rag you’re going to use is dirty, it’ll dirty the screen. Put it in the washing machine first without detergent or softener, at 30 degrees, and inside an underwear bag, so that it does not release lint.

Step 3: Zigzag clean with the rag, moving dirt towards the edges. Then review them to remove that remaining dirt. In the case of MacBook Air, where the edges are complicated, I use a cotton swab to clean the edges and make it perfect.

Step 4: Once the cleaning product is dry on the screen, give it a second cleaning, you will notice how the screen starts to look blacker instead of whitish. That dirt is a set of grease and keyboard debris, which are embedded in the screen over time and the effect of heat produced by LEDs.

Now you have your screen clean, and you can move on to cleaning the rest of the MacBook.

How to clean your MacBook keyboard

  • Put your MacBook on your side.
  • Grab a clean cloth and force (without passing) over the keyboard.
  • Additionally, you can use a blower or a compressed air can, but in the case of compressed air, be sure to use it straight. If you put it face down, water scraps could come out and mess up the keyboard.
  • To clean the keys, moisten a rag (slightly) with water or the cleaner you used for your MacBook screen. Pass it over the surface and remove grease debris.
  • For the edges of the keys, alcohol and a cotton swab go very well, although over time it may start to bleach the chassis, so it is not recommended to do so often.

Look out! In my case, I messed up the Macbook Air keyboard by too wetting the cloth, or at least I think that’s why. At first, he would spray the liquid directly on the keyboard, and then clean.

Or I’d wet it a lot. This is not recommended at all. Each key has chips that detect pressure, and although they are resistant, they will eventually oxidize if they come into contact with water.

Now you know how to clean the screen of a MacBook, MacBook Pro, or MacBook Air, and its keyboard. Are you really going to keep leaving those prints or dirt on the screen? I’m sure you won’t

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