How to Close Apps on iPhone 11,11 Pro, or 11 Pro Max

The new generation of iPhone is totally different from the point of view of technology with the disappearance of the home button and unlocking with the Face ID. The way you close an iPhone app has also changed and that’s why we’ll explain how to do it in this article.

how to close apps on iphone 11

With the arrival of the iPhone 11, we will be able to use a smartphone even more powerful than the old ones, so it is essential to know all the features of its iPhone. iPhones keep the apps used in memory, and some of them can run in the background without you knowing.

That’s why it’s important to know how to close apps in the iPhone background to fix some of the problems or inconvenience caused by certain apps.

There are some advantages compared to closing apps on your iPhone such as:

  • Relaunch an app that no longer responds
  • Clear a background app’s cache
  • Can’t sometimes solve battery-related problems

However, we recommend that you close only apps that you don’t use all the time.

Can I close all iPhone apps all at once?

However, it is not possible on iPhone 11 models to close all applications at once as may have been the case on models with a home button. Even when you restart your iPhone, the apps you use are still active.

We’ll explain how to close apps on the iPhone step by step to help you in this task.

How to close apps on iPhone 11

Apple-branded devices are arguably the best at optimizing and managing the memory of their devices. But as we’ve seen before, it’s still essential to know the techniques in order to stop an iPhone application.

It was easy to stop an app on iPhones with a Home button, but it’s just as easy on new iPhones.

So follow our step-by-step instructions to close apps on your iPhone 11.

  • The first step is to unlock your iPhone to get to the screen with all your apps. It is impossible to stop an application on the lock screen.
    Once your iPhone is unlocked, you need to swipe with your finger from the bottom of your iPhone upwards.
  • Release your finger once the multitasking has appeared. You must go beyond the middle of your iPhone with the scan to make your applications appear in memory. If you’ve done the manipulation right, you now have access to multitasking and you see all the applications still active.
  • You can wander around multitasking to find where the apps you want to close. Once you’ve found it, all you have to do is swipe the bottom-up on the app to close it.

Our tip for going faster: If you want to close multiple apps at the same time, you can scan multiple apps with multiple fingers. So you can close up to 3-4 apps per swipe.

We remind you that closing all apps is not necessarily beneficial for your iPhone. Apple has communicated about this and closing an app does not improve the life of your iPhone.

The applications you use all day long are in memory in multitasking and therefore take less time to open because they don’t need to be recharged permanently. This can play on your iPhone’s battery percentage if you always close the apps.

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