How to Delete Photos on a iPad in three Easy Steps

Compared with the iPhone, iPad attracts a lot of attention thanks to its large screen when taking pictures. And it also allows users to edit photos on Photo Booth and view photos on the iPad conveniently. However, these growing photos on the iPad take up limited space on the iPad and you will receive a reminder that iPad space is not enough, release your iPad, please! At this point, you need to delete photos on the iPad to get more new photos. How do you delete photos and images from your iPad? This article will direct you 3 different ways to delete iPad photos.

how to delete photos on a ipad

How to delete photos on the iPad manually

Manually deleting photos from Pellicule on the iPad is the most direct way because the operation is very simple.

  • Open App Photos on your iPad.
  • If you want to delete a photo from the iPad, then you might find the photo to delete, open it, and then tap the trash icon in the bottom right corner to delete the photo.
  • If you want to delete multiple photos on the iPad, then you can delete photos from the album. Select the photos you want to delete from an album, then press the Select button in the top right corner. You can then select each photo you want to delete by adding it to the selection. Then you can tap the trash icon in the top left corner, then press the “Delete Photos” button to confirm that you want to delete multiple iPad photos.

Please note that if your iPad is running iOS 7 or later, then deleted photos can be retrieved from your recently deleted album within 30 days. And you have to click on the deleted album Recently to delete those photos or deleted images again.

Delete iPad photos on the computer

To remove virtually multiple iPad photos at the same time, you can select using an iPad data management tool: Aiseesoft FoneTrans. This tool can not only delete photos on the iPad, but it is also able to add and transfer iPhone photos between iOS devices and computers. Here’s how to remove contacts selectively and quickly from your iPhone.

  • Download and install FoneTrans on a computer first.
  • Connect the iPad to the computer, the software will detect data from your iPad, including all photos on your iPad.
  • Select the photos to delete.
  • Click on the “Delete” icon at the top of the software. You will delete all the photos you have selected.

It’s really convenient to manage your contacts, isn’t it? By FoneTrans, you can also transfer photos between iPad and iPhone.

How to permanently delete iPad photos

There are some drawbacks to the ways to erase the iPad photos above. They can help you delete photos from the iPad, but deleted photos could be retrieved using a few recovery tools.

To permanently delete your photos on the iPad easily with a click, we recommend you try FoneEraser. It could delete all your photos on the iPad reliably. In addition, it supports the removal of videos and movies from your iPad.

In addition, it will erase all content and settings on your iPad in one go. So before you delete your iPad photos, you’d better back up the iPad to the PC for backup first. The steps are as below.

  • Connect iPad to PC
  • Connect your iPad to the computer with the USB cable, and wait a few seconds, this program will detect your iPad.
  • Select the erasure level
  • Select the erasure level (Low, Medium, and Top) to delete your iPad photos completely.
  • Start erasing photos
  • Click the Start button to clear all your photos on your iPad. And a few minutes later, the photos will be completely erased.

Note: This is the safest and fastest way to delete all your photos on the iPad. But all the content and settings will have to be erased in the meantime. You have to be careful to do that. Before deleting, it’s a good idea to back up the photos on your iPad to avoid data loss.

If you want to delete photos only to save storage space, you can use the first two ways. If you want to completely delete photos on the iPad to give up your iPad, please select the last way.

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