How to Download Instagram Videos in iPhone Easily

Many people are looking to record the videos they find on Instagram to share them more easily with their friends. However, unlike Android, doing these manipulations on iOS is not always easy.

how to download instagram videos in iphone

Overall, iOS is more closed than Android: it’s impossible to download something that doesn’t come from the App Store, unless you “jailbreak” the phone, a manipulation that is not within everyone’s reach and which in the process makes you lose the warranty.

If you’re one of the iOS users, then here’s how to download Instagram videos on iPhone without jailbreak.

How to Download Instagram videos on iPhone

To record an Instagram video from your iPhone or iPad, download the “Documents by Readdle” app for free from the App Store.

It offers a file manager, a built-in web browser, and a PDF document reader. It also allows you to record videos on your iPhone and iPad.

Here’s how to do it:

  • On the post of the video, you want to download, click on the three vertical dots at the top right of the post.
  • In the on-screen dialog box, tap Copy the link.
  • Launch the “Documents” app and tap the compass-shaped icon at the bottom right to access the web browser.
  • In the browser address bar, type in the following link:, it allows you to download Instagram videos instantly and securely.
  • Then, in the main interface of the site, paste the link to the video you want to record and click “Download”.

The download happens instantly. The Instagram video will be automatically placed in the Document app download folder.

You can easily view it with the built-in media player in the app or send it through Whatsapp or email.

A quick reminder: if you have the right to upload an Instagram video for your own use, it does not give you permission to broadcast it by posing as its author.

Although the boundary of ownership of photos and videos is increasingly blurred with the advent of social networks, it is better to respect the work of others. In the meantime, you can watch your video wherever you are, with or without an internet connection!

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