How to Download YouTube Videos in Mac

When it comes to online video content, YouTube is the largest website with videos from almost all genres. Whether you’re looking for the latest sensational music video, tutorial, regional movie, fun clip, or high-definition wildlife video, YouTube has it all. Watching YouTube videos online is easy if you have a strong internet connection, but what if you want to enjoy, them offline on your Mac? There are a number of ways that you can download and watch videos on your system whenever and wherever you want without worrying about the data connection. The following part of the article discusses different ways to download YouTube videos, Mac.

how to download youtube videos in mac for free

Free download of YouTube videos on Mac with Safari.

Another way to download YouTube videos to Mac is to use the Safari browser. Although there are no specific commands for capturing YouTube videos, the browser’s built-in tools can be used. The method downloads the YouTube video as a flash file that can be played with a third-party program.

Steps to download YouTube videos using the Safari browser.

Step 1. Open and play the YouTube video you want to download.

Step 2. Press Command-A to open the Safari Activity window (First activate the development menu and for this purpose Preferences; Advanced; Show Develop in the menu bar.)

Step 3. Next, look for the video resource in the window that shows the name of the video followed by the YouTube word. If it doesn’t appear, reload the page.

Step 4. Once you have found the resource link, open it with a double click.

Step 5. Focus on the address bar, and then click on the -enter the option to begin downloading the video. The YouTube video is downloaded to your Mac system as an flv file.

Save YouTube video with VLC player.

VLC is a popular and free open source media platform that not only plays your videos but can also perform a variety of other functions, including YouTube video downloads. So if you are unable to install third-party software or use an online media recorder, VLC is there for you. Although the process is not as simple and straightforward as other methods, it will surely download your desired videos. Since VLC downloads the videos directly from Google’s server, the process is very quick.

Steps to download YouTube videos using VLC player.

Step 1. Open the YouTube video you want to download to your Mac browser and copy the link.

Step 2. Open VLC Media Player on your Mac. Select File, and then the Open Network option.

Step 3. Select Network and paste the copied YouTube URL into the field. The video starts.

Step 4. Select the window and click Media Information from the drop-down menu. A new pop-up window with video information appears. On the specified page, copy the link in the position bar below. This URL shows the exact YouTube video link from the Google server. Copy the link.

Step 5. Paste this new link into the address bar of your Mac browser.

Step 6. The video is played in our browser, from where you have to right-click and choose Save As or Save Video As … Then you can quickly download the video and save it to your Mac’s hard drive.

Different types of YouTube Downloader Mac are listed above. You can choose from the methods that best suit your needs.

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