Step by Step Guide How to Format Mac Hard Drive

Very different from that of its competitor Microsoft, the operation of Mac computers can sometimes be obscure for the unaccustomed. So you should know a few tips to make your life easier during your first steps at Apple. Whether it’s right-clicking on Mac, taking a screenshot on Mac, or formatting a USB stick on Mac, all of which may seem basic but important to know, as their use can be frequent and useful.

how to format mac hard drive

Thus, formatting the hard drive of a Mac computer can have several benefits. Whether it’s preparing it for resale, cleaning it, or reinstalling an old OS, we’ll tell you what to do. Before you start formatting your hard drive, consider backing up all your personal data, whether it’s on a cloud or on an external hard drive. The purpose of formatting can be to delete all data from the disk at once or to change the format or data system.

Format Mac’s hard drive (except main hard drive)

In “Applications,” click “Utilities” to open the disk utility. You can also access it via the Launchpad.

Once the disk utility is opened, you can format the disk of your choice with the exception of the main disk, since it is in use: internal, external, or SSD hard drive. Select the volume to be formatted, then click the “Delete” button. A window opens, reminding you that by erasing your drive, you will delete all the data on it, and asking you to indicate the name and format of the volume to be deleted.

Once you’ve chosen the format that’s right for you, you’ll just have to click “Erase” again. Wait until the operation goes on: here you have just formatted your Mac’s hard drive.

How to format mac hard drive

If you want to format your Mac, i.e. erase all the data from your main hard drive, start by backing up all your personal data elsewhere (external disk, cloud, or NAS server).

Start your computer in Recovery mode by pressing the CMD-R keys on your keyboard until the apple logo appears. In the OS X Utility window, select the disk utility, then click the “Continue” button. Under the internal section, select your main hard drive (for example, Macintosh HD…). From there, you can click “Erase.”

In a few moments, your Mac’s main drive will be formatted, and you’ll be able to install a new version of Mac OS X. If your goal was to reinstall your Mac, this is the quickest and easiest way to do it.

On the contrary, if your goal is to resell your Mac, we advise you to opt for the highest level of security, by sliding the cursor to the right. In this way, you will be sure that the buyer of your computer will not be able to recover your personal data.

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