How to Free up Space on MacBook Air with 2 Easy Ways

If you regularly see error messages informing you that your drive is full or that you are having trouble downloading and installing new applications, it might be time to free up some space on your Mac.

how to free up space on macbook air

How much storage do you have?

Your storage drive has a specific amount of storage. Some of this space is taken up by internal processes, some by the operating system, and the rest is dedicated to programs, music, photos, files, videos, and whatever else you want. Have saved. Storage space is typically measured in gigabytes (GB).

To find out how much storage space your drive has, follow these steps:

  • Click on the Apple menu
  • Select About this Mac, then Storage

The total size of the disk will appear, along with the remaining free space. It is generally recommended to keep 20% of the disk empty so that the computer has enough space to exchange files with the memory modules.

How to free up space.

Open the Downloads folder. Make sure that your important files are backed up to the right place on your storage drive, then delete their copies from the Downloads folder.

Follow the instructions below to erase duplicate photos, documents, and music.

  • From the main menu, select File
  • Select New Smart Folder, click the “ +” symbol on the right, and then select search parameters such as file extension under Other. You can delete everything except the most recent versions.

If your Mac is running OS XSierra, you can configure your folders to automatically move certain items to iCloud. Select the Apple menu, then About This Mac, then click Manage, then click Storage Tools. Then select Store in iCloud. This option allows you to move the items on your storage drive to your Apple cloud account.

Final cleaning.

Make sure you have cleared your browser’s cached files. If you are using Safari, follow this procedure:

  • Open Safari, then select Preferences
  • Select Advanced, then Show Develop menu
  • Select the Show Develop menu in the menu bar, and Clear caches checkboxes.

Items you put in the Trash will stay there and take up space until you empty it. Right-click on the trash can icon and select Empty Trash. Some applications, such as iPhoto, iMovie, and Mail have their recycle bin. So make sure to empty them as well by opening each program and selecting Empty Trash.

After you have completed all of these tasks, restart or shut down your computer to empty the memory.

You have now freed up space on your Mac!

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