How to Reset iPad Without Password Using iTunes

Your iPad may no longer turn on, blocked, or malfunction for a variety of reasons. In this case, the solution is to reset your device. But to do this, you need a password. If you’ve forgotten it, don’t panic! There are various alternatives to resetting an iPad without a password.

how to reset ipad without password

In this article, we explain the standard solutions that the iPad offers to perform a reset but which can be complicated in most cases. We also introduce you to a simple, fast and efficient solution to reset your device without a password

Reset the factory iPad with iTunes

When you enter an incorrect password 6 times on your iPad, it can no longer unlock and an error message tells you it’s disabled. In this case, how do I reset a disabled or locked iPad? Apple says you need to reset the factory with iTunes to remove the passcode.

Two scenarios:

If you’ve already synced your iPad with iTunes, it’s imperative to remove your iPad data and password/passcode.

  • Connect your iPad to the computer you last synced to.
  • Open iTunes. Normally, you don’t need to provide a password. If iTunes asks you to enter a passcode, use the recovery mode (see the second case).
  • When data syncing and backup is complete, click “Restore iPad.”
  • Finally, select the latest backup in iTunes and you’re done.

If you’ve never synced your device with iTunes, it’s necessary to reset using recovery mode. This may result in the deletion of all your data and password in some cases. Follow the following steps.

  • Connect your iPad to a computer and launch iTunes.
  • Then force your iPad to restart by pressing the “Walk/Stop” button and simultaneously pressing the “Home” button. You’ll see the
  • iTunes logo with a USB cable displayed on the screen.
  • Select “Restore the iPad” in iTunes.
  • When the restoration is complete, all you have to do is set up your device.

These two solutions proposed by Apple to reset an iPad whose password has been lost have many drawbacks: they are long, quite complex, and require to have iTunes at your fingertips! In addition, unknown errors may have occurred during iTunes restoration and this may increase the risk of losing data.

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