How to Screen Record on a MacBook

Sometimes it is necessary to create a screen video. For example, to teach a customer how to use a program or to show you how something works on Youtube. Now there are a number of convenient – and cost-effective – solutions that make this possible on Mac OS X, but to film the screen on the Mac, only on-board means are required at first: The Quicktime program allows the recording of screen content including mouse pointers. We’ll show you how to do it.

how to screen record on a macbook

How to Screen Record on a MacBook

1. Call up screen recording via Quicktime

First, open the pre-installed Apple Quicktime from the Programs folder. Select “Drop -> New Screen Capture” here in the menu line.

2. Start screen recording via Quicktime

A small player becomes visible. Click the capture icon to select a shooting area

3. Select area

Now either click once to film the entire screen or drag seer with the mouse button pressed, dragging up an area you want to record, the rest will be grayed out. Click on “Start recording” within this area: From now on, the screen recording will run

4. Record iOS screen video

Perform the actions you want to show in the video. Quicktime also records the tone and movements of the mouse pointer.

5. Stop video recording

When you’re done recording your screen, you can stop the function again: At the top right of the menu line, you will find a (possibly grayed-out) recording button. Click on it: The mac desktop screen capture will stop.

6. Watch and save video

Quicktime will now show you the video you just recorded: Check it out to see if everything is OK and then save it on your Mac via the menu item “Deposit -> Save”. You can now edit this finished video with iMovie or other editing software and then send it to your customers or post it on the Internet.

Have fun recording the screen!

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