How to Sell your old iPhone Safely and Get the Most Cash

To resell your old iPhone, and in the best conditions, follow these tips

In this article, we give you some tips on how to prepare your iPhone before it’s resold, sell it at the best price and recycle it if you’re environmentally conscious.

how to sell your old iphone

Preparing your iPhone for sale

Before you sell your iPhone, make sure you’ve saved your iPhone on iCloud and erased all its content (apps, games, photos..) so that the buyer doesn’t access your data. How to Backup your iPhoneĀ 

Also, put all the odds on your side by adding your iPhone accessories, including its original box, charger, and bill.

Value of your old iPhone

The price of a used iPhone depends on its model, but also on how and where it is sold. In general, to make better deals, it is better to agree to an agreement between individuals rather than go through a shop or a service.

In addition, the price may vary depending on the repairs or modifications made, if it is unlocked any operator, whether its screen or battery has been replaced, etc. then you can sell it at a better price.

Finally, new releases can lower the value of your iOS, for example, now that the iPhone 12 was introduced at the October Keynote, the iPhone 11 has seen its price decreased by 220 euros. As a result, you will need to align the price of yours with the current market price.
If you own the Original iPhone model

A ten-year-old smartphone is generally considered obsolete and unsellable, but the Original iPhone has a nostalgia factor that cannot be matched.

However, if you want to have it bought back by Apple, the valuation may disappoint you since the brand considers that this model has no resale value.

Your best bet is to find a collector on Le Bon Coin or eBay. Indeed, if it is completely sealed in its original packaging, then it is possible that you can get enough money to offer you a last-generation iPhone.

When and where to resell your old iPhone at the best price?

To give up a smartphone, computer, or tablet, note that some periods lend themselves more than others. Just as the choice of platform or resale service is important if you want to achieve an optimal sale.

The best time to resell your old iPhone is the pre-new year period, at best before Apple’s September/October Keynote, or during the holiday season. Buyers are more likely to make purchases for a lower-cost renewal.

First of all, it is important that you set your price according to the competition so that it is neither too low nor too high.

Apple Store

You can go to the Apple Store to get an estimate of the price of your old iPhone. To do this, technicians will take stock of your model, its condition, its seniority, and its technical characteristics.

Apple can then offer to take it back, buy a new one, or receive a gift card.

To stay away from the store, it’s also possible to do so online, via Apple’s Trade-In service. Before you have it evaluated, you’ll just have to answer a few questions.

Once Apple Trade In’s recycling partner has verified your iOS and determined the exact value of the exchange, that money will be paid into your bank account.

If you have an Original iPhone, iPhone 3G, or iPhone 3GS, Apple will recycle the device but will have no counterpart…

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