How to Take Screenshot on iPhone 7

You just bought an iPhone 7 and you’re wondering how to take a screenshot? Changes to the Home button are disrupting many! So here’s how to do it!

how to take screenshot on iphone 7

About the device:

Apple iPhone 7 is a device of 138.3 dimensions x 67.1 x 7.1 mm (5.44 x 2.64 x 0.28 in), a weight of 138 grams, a screen size of 750 x 1334 pixels (326 ppi density and a screen resolution of 4.7 inches (65.6% body-ratio ratio.

It has a 2.34 GHz Quad-core processor (2x Hurricane – 2x Zephyr), a PowerVR Series7XT Plus graphic (six-core graphics), a GB RAM 2 GB RAM, and an internal memory of 32/128/256 GB.

Take a screenshot on your iPhone 7

To make a screenshot, we’ll use both buttons on your iDevice. To do this:

Hold down the Walk/Watch button on the side of your iDevice and immediately press the main button
Then release him

You’ll hear a photo-taking sound and a flash effect on your iDevice’s screen, your screen print has been well done.

How do I find your screenshots on your iDevice?

Once your screenshots are complete, you’d certainly like to find them in the fastest and simplest way possible, so much the better, Apple thought about it before you! To do this:

  • Open the Photos app
  • See you in the photo tab

You will be able to find the latest photos and print-screens that you have taken.

Be aware that there is also another even faster way:

  • Open the Photos app
  • Go to Album
  • Then in Screenshots

How to capture a full page in Apple iPhone 7??

If you want to capture a full web page in your iPhone 7, you should first know that this method only works with Apple’s Safari browser, so you need to open the page on which you want to capture the full with scrolling with the Safari browser.

Take the screenshot with the method shown above, when you take the screenshot, the thumbnail will appear in the bottom left corner of the Apple iPhone 7 screen, click on the thumbnail to access the screenshot editing app, you will see that the text “Full Page” appears at the top right, click on it and you will see the full screenshot with the scroll to the right of the screen.

You can now add notes, draw on the capture, crop, rotate, and share the screenshot by clicking on the arrow icon at the top right of the screen. Finally, tap “OK” to save in the photo gallery.

Now you can take a screenshot on your iPhone 7!

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