How to Update iPhone Apps in 3 Easy Steps

There are many ways to update your apps on iPhone,iPad, and iPod touch, from manual techniques to automatic settings. Here’s how to do it in this tutorial

how to update iphone apps

Manually update an app on your iPhone

  • Open the App Store app. (The blue icon with a white A in the center).
  • Choose Updates in the bottom right corner.
  • Your installed apps will be on this menu. If the Update button is displayed, simply tap it to update the app in question.

Note: An already updated app will contain the open text instead of Update.

Turn on the automatic update of its iPhone app

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Visit the iTunes Store and App Store. You’ll see the Automatic Downloads tab inside.
  • Move the Updates cursor to Activated/Green.

Note: To make sure you only download wi-Fi (which won’t count within your monthly limit), turn off Cellular Data.

Cellular Data also controls automatic downloads of music, apps, and books purchased from the iTunes Store, as well as iTunes Match and iTunes Radio. So pay attention to your cellular data plan! The download of a song or book is usually a few megabytes; an application can weigh hundreds of megabytes.

Note: The automatic update won’t work if your smartphone is in power economy mode.

Update apps on iPhone with iTunes

If you spend a lot of time on iTunes, you can update your apps and sync them with your iPhone. For this:

  •  Open iTunes on your computer.
  •  Click on the app icon in the top left corner of the window (you can also click on the “View” menu and select “Apps” or, using the keyboard, click “Command” – “7” on a Mac or “Control” – “7” on a PC).
  • Click “Updates” in the row of buttons near the top.
  •  This lists all the apps on your computer before any updates are available. This list may be different from the one you see on your iPhone because it includes all the apps you’ve downloaded, not just the ones that are currently installed on your phone. Similarly, if you’ve updated your iPhone and haven’t synced with your computer yet, iTunes won’t know you don’t need this update.
  •  Click on an app to see more details about the update.
  •  Select the “Update” button to update the app.
  • To update all eligible apps, choose “Update all apps” in the bottom corner of right.

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